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Kamloops Facial Rejuvenation

Kamloops Facial Rejuvenation

If you suffer from headaches and pain due to excessive teeth grinding, we offer treatments that can alleviate this discomfort. TMJ is a condition that affects the muscles of mastication (the muscles that move your jaw), and temporomandibular joints (these connect your jaw to your skull). TMJ can force a person to excessively grind their teeth, or it may cause these joints to seize entirely (commonly known as "lockjaw"). These issues can lead to severe and chronic pain, as well as headaches. Our procedures offer a quick alternative to bite guards or surgery, and reduce the pain and damage to your teeth that grinding may cause. Protect your smile's integrity and alleviate discomfort to your jaw joints!

Treatment involves an injection that loosens the surrounding facial muscles, allowing the affected areas to relax. This can immediately relieve the tension and restriction that causes the adverse effects of TMJ. These treatments offer a simplified solution for those who prefer to avoid bite guards or surgery. We also offer injections for facial rejuvenation. If you are uncomfortable with the laugh lines and creases that may naturally occur over time, we offer safe, effective treatments that will alleviate these noticeable features. By reducing muscle activity in the affected areas, our injections can cosmetically smooth these lines and wrinkles, allowing you to look and feel younger and refreshed.

At River City Dental nothing is more important than the well-being of our patients. Dentists are excellent candidates to administer these procedures due to their familiarity with the mouth and face. Dentists are also well-versed in the administration of injections.

Please call our office if you wish to book an appointment, or if you would like to voice any questions or concerns that you may have regarding our Facial Rejuvenation or TMJ injections.

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