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Periodontics in Kamloops

Periodontics is a study of dentistry that is concerned with any parts of the body that are involved with your teeth. Your gums and the tissue around your teeth are extremely important, and they are at the forefront of periodontics. If your teeth and gums are not properly cared for, you can develop gum disease, which can cause very serious damage to your teeth, gums or oral tissue. Read on to learn about our periodontal treatments.

Tooth Extraction

We know that no one ever wants to go through the process of having a tooth extracted. As intimidating as the procedure may be, if enough damage to the root of a tooth has taken place, extraction may be the safest, most beneficial option. Our extractions are done as safely and comfortably as possible, and our crowns and dentures can reverse damage that may have been done to your teeth and gums.

Ridge socket preservation

If an extraction has already been done, the tissue around the gap that has been created may be vulnerable. The portion of the jawbone located at the site of the extraction may begin to deteriorate since it is no longer needed. Ridge or socket preservation will fill the empty socket with a short-term graft, thus protecting the area.

Ridge augmentation

Any lost bone or gum tissue can be strengthened through ridge augmentation. This procedure may use grafted bone to repair this weakened area, or our dentists may reinforce existing tissue of the affected area.

Sinus augmentation

Sometimes a patient's sinuses may be exceptionally close to their jaw. In these rare instances, certain dental procedures may be difficult to perform. To combat this, sinus augmentation (also called a sinus "lift), can be done, adding bone to the upper portion of the jaw, on either side of the nose. Other dental procedures can then be administered.

Bone grafts

Sometimes the jawbone can be eroded due to complications of gum disease. If this happens, a bone graft may be done, integrating this extracted material into the existing bone tissue.

Gum Grafting

Gum disease can sometimes cause the gumline to recede. In extreme cases, this recession may expose the roots of your teeth, leaving them susceptible to damage. In such cases, gum grafting can be done, relocating tissue to the affected area and ultimately protecting roots from further damage.

Pocket depth reduction

Some people might develop "pockets" in the gum-line, which are recessions that occur where the gum meets the tooth. If these pockets continue to grow, your teeth and gum-line become vulnerable to diseases and other complications. We can minimize these risks by reducing the size of developed pockets.

Flap procedure

Some dental procedures require that a small layer of the gum (or "flap) be temporarily removed so as to give the dentist more access to affected areas. This method allows for the removal of damaged tissue when necessary, and can help fight against gum disease. After required treatments are complete, the flap is reattached via sutures and the gum-line is left to heal on its own.


A frenectomy is a periodontic measure that removes excess tissue connecting the mouth to the gums. In rare cases, some people find this connection too tight and it causes discomfort. If this occurs, a frenectomy can correct the issue.

Crown lengthening

This procedure raises the amount of tooth that is exposed above the gum-line. If a tooth is cracked off, for example, it may be too far below the gum-line for our dentists to access and repair it. Crown lengthening counteracts this issue, making the tooth available for repair.

Periodontics is the correction and prevention of gum disease, as well as the maintaining of those areas of the body directly related to the health of your teeth. Periodontal treatments are crucial for repairing damaged teeth, or for restoring tissue in and around the gums that may be diseased or functioning improperly.

Gum disease is any affliction that affects the attachment of your teeth to your gums. Although gum disease is most common in adults, it can develop in anyone at any age. Gum disease can be prevented by ensuring that you brush and floss regularly, as well as receiving a professional cleaning from a hygienist twice a year. If you suffer from gum disease, periodontal treatments are designed to help.

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If you are suffering from gum disease, or are concerned about developing gum disease, please examine our periodontal treatments, or call our office to learn more.

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