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Sedation Dentistry in Kamloops

Sedation Dentistry in Kamloops

We understand that some of our patients may find a trip to the dentist intimidating. While we want to treat you, we also want to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible! For this reason, we offer sedation dentistry options for our more anxious patients. This way, your teeth can receive the attention they need while minimizing patient anxiety. It also makes it easier for our dentists to do their best work!

As the name implies, sedation dentistry means that our visitors receive a sedative prior to the beginning of their dental visit. We ensure that our drugs are administered properly and safely, and that they take effect by the time you are sitting in the dentist's chair. Risk management is our greatest concern, and nothing is more important to us than your safety.

River City Dental offers a suite of sedation options. Oral sedation is provided to our patients before their actual visit so that the sedative has time to activate before treatment begins. This method provides moderate protection against anxiety.

IV, or intravenous, sedation offers a greater degree of control over a patient's anxiety. It is intended for our clients who have a very significant fear of dental procedures. As implied, in this instance the sedative is administered through an IV. This method is so effective that our patients sometimes fall asleep during treatment!

Finally, River City Dental is pleased to offer nitrous oxide as a sedation option. Perhaps you have heard it referred to as "laughing gas." Nitrous has this nickname because it causes a feeling of happiness and euphoria when it is inhaled with oxygen. A mask is placed over the nose and mouth and the patient is encouraged to breathe normally. Once again, this is a safe, proven method of sedation dentistry. If you are apprehensive about the dentist and needles, perhaps this is the option for you!

Dental visits are more challenging for some of our patients, and we sympathize! Consider our sedation (or "sleep") dentistry methods if you are nervous about your next visit. Remember: if you are more relaxed, our dentists can work more quickly, and that may mean fewer dental visits in total! Please call us to learn more, and let us put you at ease.

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