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Crown and Bridge Fittings in Kamloops

A crown is often required to strengthen a tooth with large fillings that are beginning to wear out, or for a tooth that has had a recent root canal treatment due to an infection in the root system of the tooth.

Worn out fillings can often lead to further decay and place teeth at high risk for fractures. A crown (or "cap") fits over the remaining part of the tooth, allowing you to keep your tooth. The restoration is strong and provides the cosmetic look of a whole, natural tooth.

If you have a missing tooth, replacing it with a bridge is an option. In general, a bridge is a false tooth that is held in place by the teeth on either side of it. Most often, these adjacent teeth will need to have crowns affixed to them.

At River City Dental, we make use of soft tissue laser technology, which is an efficient way to relocate gum tissue when doing crown and bridge work.

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