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Keep Your Teeth Healthy and Clean with a Visit to River City Dental

Our hygiene department is the cornerstone of successful long-term gum health for our patients. Disease processes in the gum quickly spread to your teeth and are also linked to other disease processes in the body, such as heart disease.

In the early stages, gum (periodontal) disease is often painless. But, as the bacteria (plaque) increase in number, they begin to destroy the gum and bone that support tooth roots. So, like a solid foundation for your home, maintaining optimal dental hygiene provides lifetime support for healthy teeth.

Consultation and Patient Education

We invite you to work one-on-one together with Dr. Vandepeear and his team to make your smile goals a reality! Whether discussing cosmetic options or required restorative dental interventions, we take the time to answer your questions and to explain our recommendations.

Comprehensive Examinations and Treatment Plans

We invest time and resources to ensure that each patient receives thorough examinations and personalized recommendations for any required treatment. Tools such as digital X-rays and lasers designed to diagnose decay as early as possible allow treatment to be less invasive.

Dr. Vandepeear is committed to continuing education and attends dental education opportunities across North America, to learn from leaders in the dental field. This knowledge is reflected in the attention given to your individual needs.

Preventive Dentistry

In oral health, prevention is key. Our goal with prevention is not only to help our patients avoid gum disease, but also to allow them to preserve their smiles and enhance their overall health.

Preventive dentistry includes regular examinations, hygiene services, earlier diagnoses of problems, patient education and personalized treatment plans that significantly minimize the need for invasive and extensive oral interventions.


Dr. Vandepeear provides both silver (amalgam) fillings and white (composite) fillings based on a patient’s preferences and/or budgetary concerns. Dr. Vandepeear would be pleased to discuss your options so that you can make an educated choice. Our Laser Cavity Detection Technology can help identify even the smallest cavities.

Root Canals

When the nerve of a tooth becomes infected or damaged, a root canal will be necessary to save the tooth. During the procedure, a root canal filling material is used to fill the nerve chamber, preventing further infection.

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