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Considering Dental Implants? Kamloops Patients Can Call Us for a Consultation.

If you are missing one or several teeth, you’re most likely missing out on more than just a full smile; living without a full set of teeth can hinder your speech and limit the types of foods you can eat. There is also the social aspect of being embarrassed or self-conscious about your smile. You may even shy away from introducing yourself to someone new — a circumstance that could also reduce prospective job opportunities. The truth is few individuals are born with a perfect set of teeth. In all likelihood, the people you assume are blessed with a naturally great smile went to great lengths to make it that way. Don’t you deserve the same?

No matter how long you’ve been a denture-wearer or gone without any kind of dental appliance, the right solution for you may be dental implants. Kamloops patients have long relied on the genuine desire of Dr. Glenn Vandepeear and the staff at River City Dental to find the most practical and beneficial oral health interventions. There are many benefits to dental implants and implant-supported dentures, all of which we will cover on this page.

The Many Benefits of Dental Implants for Kamloops Patients

As a practising dentist since 1999, Dr. Vandepeear has seen some wonderful transformations after his patients underwent a dental implant procedure. Listed on this page are the most common benefits patients experience with this type of restorative dentistry, including:

  • Enhanced Smile — Who doesn’t love a great smile? A beautiful smile shares a close association with youth, health, and overall vitality. By replacing missing teeth with a dental implant you can shed years off your perceived age.
  • Improved Confidence — Many people with missing teeth or poor oral health will avoid social interaction. Today, you may routinely cover your mouth, or turn away when speaking to strangers in order to hide your teeth. Dental implants can not only restore your smile, but create a smile that you never thought possible. 
  • More Food Options — If you have dentures, chances are you’ve learned to forego foods such as nuts, sticky candies, popcorn, peanut butter, breads with seeds, steak, as well as many raw vegetables and fruits. Eating foods you like is one of life’s great pleasures. With dental implants, Kamloops patients can once again enjoy all the foods they’ve been missing!
  • Improved Oral Health — Dental implants can actually improve the health of your remaining teeth, gums, and jawbone in many ways. With dentures, the minerals in your jawbone can absorb back into your body due to lack of stimulation. Dentures can also cause gum discomfort. Since dental implants are implanted directly into the jawbone, the bone structure is stimulated, preventing mineral reabsorption issues. And, implant-supported crowns can prevent other teeth from shifting out of a place, a common issue that only accelerates oral health issues.

Let’s Discuss Your Options

There are many things to love about dental implants, but they aren’t for everyone. For one, you must have enough remaining jawbone 

material to support the titanium rooting posts. And, since implant-supported dentures and crowns cost more than complete and partial

dentures, there are also budgetary concerns.

To see if dental implants are right for you, call River City Dental to schedule an appointment with Dr. Vandepeear.

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